Wednesday, May 19, 2010


And so it seems that summer has begun. Now I don't want to be blamed if the temperature plummets...again. But it feels like it's the season. The sun shines, the pollen floats, the cats lay in the sunshine as if it was the most perfect and comfortable place in the world and the grass gets cut (although from what i've heard from Dave's mom, it's more like hacking through a jungle...3 weeks away can do that lol). And even though my allergies are going crazy, I LOVE IT!! YEA SUMMER! WELCOME TO MINNESOTA!!!

The pools will open soon and I should probably start to work on my tan... this may mean the evil of tanning beds. But the way a tan feels makes all the difference in the world. Photo-therapy at its best!! The inevitable choice... skin cancer (maybe) or feeling absolutely phenomenal?? What to do?? What to do?? Sigh..... the tanning beds it is. At least I won't look like Snookie.... ugh!!! That bizarre orange look is so scary.... but luckily i can keep myself from appearing as though i've been attacked by an orange!

Happy Summer everybody!!!! I look forward to our adventures!

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