Sunday, May 16, 2010

One of many things I don't understand...

First off, let me say that my grandma was an amazing woman. She married my grandpa when she was around her early 20's if not sooner (after having seen her at a dance and telling his friends that she was the woman he would marry, they were married within less than 6 weeks). She helped him work the farm they lived on, went through 3 very hard pregnancies and went on to be one of the 10 greatest people who ever lived... and that's not just because she was my grandma. Maybe something to do with the Bing cherry dumplings at Christmas and the brownies prepared lovingly just for me every weekend.... but I would argue that there is SOOOO much more. The point of this is that part of this brilliant woman was her belief, which she was fantastically good to share, that God is God, no matter what the name is.... Allah, the enlightenment sought by Buddha, whatever the name... I have to say that as I grew up Catholic (as did she) this wasn't something that anyone else ever even touched upon during my education (both secular and non). I love her tremendously for sharing this belief with me. And I have to say that since I've grown up in my faith and knowledge base I have to say that I include the universe itself in what or who God is.

So, having said that. I don't really understand why there is so much of a rivalry between faith and technology. I recently watched "Contact" which states in such a phenomenal way this rivalry and at its conclusion blames the primary character Ellie for having faith in something that she can not prove, which is also the thing which held her back during an earlier part of the film. Many people who I know, especially the atheists ask me to prove that God exists. And my lack of appropriate proof for the is the reason they say they continue not to believe. I must be lucky enough to see God all around. And even though this may sound trite, I see God in the sunrise, the beauty of the landscape, the love that I feel from those around me, and most importantly to this entry, in the things that science has brought us.

How can God not be seen in the vaccines that save children from polio? The MRI scans that can show a tumor that wouldn't be seen by an x-ray for what becomes valuable time to the person who has it? Granted, technology isn't always this helpful. Who was ever really aided by an ICBM? But I think that speaks more to the human population than technology itself. So I don't understand why there has to be a gap between faith and science. Maybe as we advance as a species the gap will close and neither science or faith will be looked upon as a "bad" thing. Maybe by then we can stop fighting about who God really is too. Ah, the wishes of a dreamer.

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