Sunday, May 9, 2010


Happy Mother's Day to all Mom's out there... especially Jo (Thanks for always being there!), Marilyn and Holly (who get to spend the day together somewhere in world), Angel, Sonya and Joyt (the Gray house mom's), Linnea, Shannon and Erin (the Dietrich mom's) and last but certainly not least, Annie and Dawn (the Schwartz mom's). I love you all and feel SO blessed to have you as part of my life! Please hug your munchkins (yes, even the big ones) for me and enjoy your day!! You deserve it!!!

P.S. As a shout out... Thad gets a mention too, for being a Mr. Mom while Holly was working and getting ready for the current excursion out into the world! You rock as a mom!!! But if I ever hear a certain nickname again.... (regarding petals) this shout out can be revoked... just so you know!! :)

P.S.#2 Should we all watch "Steel Magnolias" together later on?? Just a thought.

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