Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Thrills of GetGlue

So over a year ago I found this website..GetGlue. You create a profile, a lá Twitter/Facebook etc, and start to check in to things you are watching, listening, reading, thinking about, whatever really. The coolest thing at the time was earning stickers for different things checked in to. I have loved stickers since I was a wee girl and it has never stopped. The really cool thing though was not just earning stickers, but making aquaintances who have become friends. Good ones even! It can update to FB/Twitter & FourSquare if you want it too and is really a fun environment. Unless you come across the ever popular name calling 'my view is always right' folks. But no web site is perfect and I must say my debate skills have grown on Glue. So if you have some time & like stickers or just wanna interact with people who share your interests, then I say, give it a shot! They'll even mail you your stickers if you want...currently mine are stored in the ether waiting for me to summon them. So hope to see ya there someday! And have a splendid Saturday! Suz

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