Wednesday, October 17, 2012

2012 Election

I will never understand what the former Gov. of Mass. wants to be President for. It can't be to better the country. That'd take an actual plan. There are those who say President Obama didn't have a plan 4 years ago... I disagree, but any plan went out the window when he became President in the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. And at least President Obama has been where so many people find themselves these days. Romney's idea of horrible was when his wife was diagnosed with M.S. And you bet that's terrible. But there are many out there who've faced that kind of devistating news while in the process of losing their homes and possibly their jobs as well. Romney will never understand that kind of terror. Iys partly why, when he tries to relate to 'regular people' he comes off as aloof and plastic. Even last night during the 2nd debate he couldn't show much besides petulance and arrogance. Romney says he knows how to create jobs, but all we have seen and heard is that he creates jobs overseas. And that doesn't really help American's trying to get work...unless they want to leave the country. But that's what Romney thinks will happen to illegal immigrants. Does he not know the reason they came here is because if how awful their lives were before they came here. So inaction is the Romney plan for illegal immigrants. Well done. Then there is the ever re-evolving tax plan. As of last night, families get a $2500 exemption that they can use however they want within the current exemptions. How much do you want to bet Romney & those like him will get much much more than $2500. So the ever evolving Romney plan to 'make it better' is still a joke and will remain so. I guarantee that the die-hard Republicans and the Tea Party are less than happy with Romney, but they'd never vote for someone who has most likely been where they are and really understands how our Constitution and government actually work. But I will. And with sense guiding us instead of hate, President Obama will have 4 more years to put this country back on the path we were on during the Clinton years.

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