Monday, April 4, 2011

How does hate keep a family together?

So after watching a documentary on the Westboro Baptist Church/Cult (WBC), one of many but the 2nd by Louis Theroux and the BBC, I have to ask myself a few questions.
1.  How does a "family" that purports to live God's law (according to the Bible, Old Testament mostly it seems) do nothing more than foster hatred in & thru their demonstrations?  According to their reasoning my Mother is to blame for raising me to basically go to hell.  But the people and children of high ranking members of the WBC who leave the ranks are blamed themselves.  Maybe they think that they had done all they could've done to raise these children & others "right"?
2.  How is it they know the Bible is really it when it comes to what is considered "God's word"?  They burn the Koran with what seems like a gleefull intent.  I mean, there are so many different writings out there that were written by all sorts of would be prophets.  I believe the Koran to be a true work of a Prophet.  I wonder if they even consider the writers of the New Testament to be speaking "God's words"?  I must admit here that I am not fluent in the Bible enough to say that they only speak from the OT, but they are very fire and brimstone and into a vengeful God. 
3.  My last point for the moment, even though they seem to be happy in their hate rhetoric, when asked about the children who have left, it feels like there's a moment when they hold back from the party line to show a little chink in the hate and vitriolic armor they seem cloaked in.  Maybe the reason the people who have left (or fled) found the hatred too much.  I couldn't live with it.  And I think my Mother and family & friends for that.
Anyhoo, I believe Love always conquer hate.  I don't really believe in hell and I see the WBC as a cult that seeks nothing but attention.  I hope that someday these people can truly see light and learn that love can conquer. 
Love & Salaam, Suzannah

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