Tuesday, August 6, 2013


I read an article last night which was terrifying in its content and because I've seen that kind of thing too many times to have it be surprising anymore. The article was about a man who had taken his rifle and handgun to his wife's workplace. He then proceeded to shoot her between 3 and 5 times and then shot himself, taking his life as well.

What frightens me about this kind of thing is one of the hallmarks of why so many American's want real gun control. It's that part of guns which makes killing so easy to do. I understand that guns are in the Constitution and they have a place in our history. The problem is that now days we can't go even a day without seeing a story that chronicles a child shooting a sibling because of a parent or guardian who doesn't understand common sense or gun responsibility.

There is a need in this country for a serious discussion on limits. As well as mental health. This is not either of those discussions. It is however my thoughts on guns. Here goes....

Guns are a simple and easy way to kill. That's all they are. You can say that they are for hunting (which is stalking an animal to kill in a society where most of the people who do it don't need the meat so it's just sport really) or for "home protection" but the reason you have a gun instead of a bat is because you feel the need to either do maximum damage (i.e., kill) or show that you can. They have lost the reason for which the 2nd Amendment was actually written. We have no fear of our government as they did during the Revolutionary War and the writing of the Constitution. But people feel the need to arm themselves against imaginary foes and thus these weapons end up killing innocent people one way or another.

The story which prompted this posting is a perfect example of what happens all too often. Someone has a bad day and decides that someone has to pay for the circumstances that led up to the day in question. Pick a person or place, grab your guns and head out. Their lives mean nothing, obviously. And so people die. All because someone has a bad day. How is that civilized?

The NRA has popped up to say to its members "If THOSE other people had guns they could stop the person having the bad day" and their members parrot the concept. For them EVERYONE should have a gun.And what would we be then? The NRA also sponsors the "Stand Your Ground" laws which say you get to shoot someone who you think is going to harm you negating any thought of their humanity or life. Over a TV if need be or even a drink. It really doesn't matter. Because the bottom line for the NRA is money. Money and power and they don't care who dies as long as money gets into the hands of gun manufacturers.

I respect human life. I also like my possessions but I won't take a human life over my television. Or even my car. Things can be replaced. Human beings can't. That's pretty simple.

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