Friday, July 26, 2013

Update to Abortion post

The conservative in question had told me many times that this bill was for "women's health care" using the example of  LASIK surgeons. "Shouldn't these clinics have the same requirements as a LASIK office? Those doctors have to abide by the same regulations b/c they are ultimately performing surgery at these places" Now while I am all for women's health care I couldn't find anything on the net to back up her claim. When she and I started talking it was with an agreement that FACTS MATTER in decisions. So I had asked several times for corroboration of her claim, believing she was being factual. She continued to say "keep looking". When I had exhausted such search engine questions I decided to call LASIK offices and asking. What I was told by the offices I reached was this: There is no regulation which says LASIK surgeons need to have any privileges in their local hospitals or even admitting privileges to perform their surgeries. So it looks like this "fact based" conservative disregards facts in her actual decision making. I did ask her about it but she has declined to answer. At all. Hmmm.

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