Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Gotta love bronchitis and its friend laryngitis

So its been almost 2 full weeks this time (the last was about 6 weeks ago, lasted about 2 weeks  and just bronchitis, not this bad, went away on its own), however this time its like an Olympic event!

"Go ahead, load your body with vitamin c, a multi-vitamin, drink water like mad and eat well! I don't care and i'll invite laryngitis to the party" it says.  Doctor gives me an inhaler and a z-pack.  Since then, the b & l duo have gone on a rampage.  Now I also get to not breathe for more than 8 min at a time without feeling like I'm gonna pass out from O2 loss (oxygen to the non-nerdy). 

So any ideas?  Anybody?  3000 mg of vitamin c and blue-green algae and spirulina and more water than seems possible along with all the good things from childhood (mentholatum on chest, neck & back; vaporiser; sleep; OJ) aren't cutting it.  And I'm running out of ideas.  It's call the doc back day tomorrow and it'll be interesting to see what she says. 

If you have any thoughts, please let me know!  Thanks and good health to all of you!  I wouldn't wish this in people I really don't like.  Truly! Later gaters!  Gonna try and sleep some before the sun rises.  Suz

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