Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A thought about Mothers... on a special birthday

What is it about a mother that can in a single day help you feel so many different emotions?

Is it the care they show by calling (every day in some cases) that can be comforting, funny, overwhelming, absolutely necessary, loving and even somewhat difficult?

Is it the advice that they give that, asked for or not, is sometimes so right on the nose it feels like she really does know everything?

Is it the sacrifices that they make in all sorts of little ways that we never see that make us humbled when we think back on them... even if it were just yesterday?

Is it the friendship that comes with unconditional love that lets us see that although we may have grown up enough to become a friend, we will never stop being their own?

I think that it's these things and more. And as Mother's Day approaches I thought that I'd put my views on the matter out to the world. I LOVE YOU MOM!!!

Also, Happy Birthday Mom. Your hope for me is the light that shines brightest on the days that are darkest. I can never thank you enough for the love that you've taught and shown me, the grace that helps me be a better person and the sacrifices that you've made, especially the ones that were the ones I fought so hard against.

Monday, March 29, 2010


I must say that starting a blog is something that seems very trendy, and I admit that I am NOT one of those trendy folks. HOWEVER... I love to read, so why not start to write? That's the reason for Suzannahstan. So, Welcome :) and i'll get back in a few days to show y'all what the culture is like here. Take care and be good to one another!