Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Why screaming at people on social networking sites is dumb.

So as a member of "Facebook", "Twitter", "Skype", etc.  I know that putting my viewpoints out there is sometimes going to irritate another member. Usually, because the members (people, friends, tweeps) are part of a like minded group or are actually friends in real life, you don't expect to be screamed at for an opinion that may differ from anothers.  Now when I say "screamed at" I speak not just of those WHO SPEAK IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS to let you know they are upset, but also of those folks who will continue to rant against you on a topic that they just know in their hearts is right in their view and wrong in mine. Case in point...

Over the past 24 hours I have gotten over 18 twitter messages from an individual, who shall remain nameless, because someday he'll realize what an absolute ass he's been & I want that moment to be his alone (although he may just continue to be an ass, but that's his problem). This individual has a problem with the fact that I have some Palestinian friends and I RT (re-tweet) some of their messages about where they live & what they think. Now I also have some Israeli friends who agree with the Palestinians & I RT their msgs too. I would and do the dame with anyone reporting atrocities where they are. But this particular individual has taken it upon himself to berate, argue, offer deals, & a host of other things (calling me an idiot every other msg is my favorite) to get me around to his way of seeing things. He especially likes to reference Israelis as "dirty Jews" in some strange attempt at what I'm not sure, but that does trouble me, because to call Israelis that is just shy of neo-nazi propaganda. And I have never felt that way about another ethnic group (just to clarify). Now, his ranting, which after the 5th msg I stopped replying to and said "We're not going to agree, do let's just let it go", but he kept on going. I wonder if he feels he's going to change my opinions or just likes to berate others. Either way, he looks like an idiot.

And that's really the point of this post. If someone disagrees with you and has maybe gone back-n-forth a bit, but then lets go by agreeing to disagree, just let go. You can have your opinion all you want, # away! Let the world know, but stop trying to use Twitter or FB as a bully pulpit for what you believe if someone disagrees, its ok. It's our right as Americans! Otherwise you just look like a bully. And usually an idiotic one at that.

#Peace #Love & #Understanding